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Hefel Bedlinen

HEFEL Bedlinen 2023

The exclusive HEFEL Bedlinen of finest TENCEL™ is an expression of timeless elegance and synonymous with purity and luxury. A treat for the eyes, sensational against the skin and soothing for the body. Beautifully integrated patterns, the uniquely soft feel of the fabric and the perfect product quality together express the highest degree of harmony and personal individuality. HEFEL Bedlinen is made of Micro TENCEL™, the pure natural fibre derived from wood, and combines the pleasant characteristics of cotton with the mother-of-pearl sheen of silk. Its elegant visual appeal and unrivalled softness to the touch make TENCEL™ Bedlinen a feast for all the senses. 100% „Made in Austria“ – for the absolute pinnacle of pleasurable sleep.

TENCEL™ - fibre of the future

The Umwelthilfe environmental organisation has calculated that 263 litres of water are needed for one kilogram of Lyocell fibres as opposed to 11,000 litres for conventionally grown cotton. Due to the effects of climate change, poorer cotton yields are to be expected in the coming years, which will further increase the importance of regenerated fibres such as TENCEL™.

  • TENCEL™ fibres produced with microtechnology are exceptionally fine and are made from the natural raw material wood
  • No. 1 for moisture management
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers
  • More absorbent than cotton and smoother than silk
  • Reduced bacterial growth
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving manufacturing
  • Bed linen with the smallest CO2 footprint

Luxurious Packaging

With contents this special, suitable packaging is a must. Presented in a classy shade of “Warm Grey”, the design of the packaging is not only particularly attractive and upmarket but also functional: the integral window sets off the bed linen with the elegant box acting as a frame. It provides perfect protection and prevents compression of the contents.