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"Pure Luxury"
HEFEL Bedlinen Siena

The HEFEL Bed Linen Collection creates fashionable highlights with its innovative digital prints. Elegant designs of great finesse in charming colours on silky soft TENCEL™ fabrics transform your bedroom into a stylish oasis of relaxation. HEFEL has chosen extremely energysaving digital prints – a printing process which in contrast to conventional methods makes do with less than one tenth of their water consumption. The simply inexhaustible interplay of colours on the new HEFEL Trend bed linen makes for a real ”wow“ effect.


"Pure Luxury" Collection:

Biarritz 5935

back side ivory

Deauville 6936

back side platinum

Lucca 3975

back side ivory

Pisa 3934

back side ivory

Siena 4974

back side ivory

Amsterdam 4972

back side ivory

Las Vegas 4971

back side silver

Fleur 3962

back side ivory