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HEFEL Quilts

The traditional approach of an Austrian family firm and the continuing development of revolutionary innovations combine to make HEFEL the leading manufacturer of bedding.This experience ensures that HEFEL knows precisely what is important in a first-class quilt: The starting point is the selection of materials of the highest quality for the shell fabric and the filling. The finest traditional „made by hand" skills and the latest finishing techniques show the characteristics of the materials to their best advantage.HEFEL pays particular attention to quilting designs that fit the shape of the body, which lends the quilts their unique form. With HEFEL products all these factors are perfectly in tune with each other, creating an optimal sleeping en-vironment. The result: incomparable bedding creations for heavenly sleeping comfort.


HEFEL Bodyfit Quilting


The most important condition for peaceful and refreshing sleep is an ideal sleeping environment. As well as the employment of natural fibres, the correct quilting is a decisive factor because it must ensure that the quilt fits the body perfectly. HEFEL BodyFit quilting refers to quilting patterns designed to fit the shape of the body, giving HEFEL quilts their incomparable snugness and warmth. The quilts fold along the quilting seams particularly smoothly to wrap comfortably around the body and ensure a cozily warm sleeping cocoon.




HEFEL Summer Quilts (SD) are pleasantly light and regulate the temperature. Their excellent moisture management function enables you to enjoy wonderfully refreshing sleep, even on hot summer nights.

HEFEL All-Year Quilts (GD) are suitable for the autumn and spring months and for all-year round use for city dwellers. The all-year quilts are light yet warm and ideal for every room environment. The all-year quilts - light have been specially developed for waterbeds. (GD light)

HEFEL Winter Quilts (WD) are double quilts. These quilts are particularly warm as they consist of individually quilted pairs of quilts. An air cushion is created between these two layers, offering perfect heat insulation and preventing cold areas.