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Pure Cashmere Accessoires

Timeless Luxury by Ulrike Hefel
UH Pure Cashmere

ULRIKE HEFEL has devoted more than 10 years to the theme of 'TIMELESS LUXURY'. The results are perfect cashmere products that combine the origin of the softest natural fibre in the world with the exclusivity of hand-made fabrics. Original cashmere, from the goat through to the production process - nothing could be more natural. With her great sensitivity to trends and colours ULRIKE HEFEL tells the philosophy of cashmere with a delightfully natural and colourful collection. "Touch and feel" perfected.

Cashmere is the most precious type of wool, significantly finer than sheep‘s wool, and one of the most valuable animal hairs of any kind. ULRIKE HEFEL PURE CASHMERE only uses the highest grade undercoat hairs of the Mongolian goat. Each goat produces some 100 grammes of this hair per year. In order to survive the extreme conditions of their environment, where temperatures can drop to minus 45°C, these exceptio­nal animals have developed hair that provides unmatched pro­tection against the cold. The combed-out goat‘s wool is selec­ted, repeatedly combed, sorted and made into these luxurious pieces by skilled hands. Locally in Mongolia, in the country of origin of the world‘s finest cashmere.



  • Very fine cashmere fibres - a mere 16 microns
  • The length of our cashmere is 45 mm (!) - extra-long and exclusive! As a general rule, the longer and finer the cashmere hair, the higher its quality!
  • Only cashmere hairs of the same length are processed
  • Only Mongolian cashmere guarantees100% purity


Cashmere plaids for Cocooning, Pillow Talks, Ponchos and Picknicks!

These luxurious plaids can be used as a throw, both indoors and outdoors. Or simply drape it around your shoulders and it becomes a laid-back poncho that you will love wearing. The wide choice of colours ensures a sensational style factor in your home & garden. A pleasure whatever the time of day.
Size: 180 x 130 cm


Cashmere scarves for Cosy Winter Days!

A charming scarf in more than 20 trendy runway colours to lend a touch of luxury to your winter outfits. These premium quality winter scarves feel unbelievably soft around your neck and give the gift of blissful warmth. A truly sensory experience for body and soul!
Size: 180 x 30 cm


Cashmere shawls for Summer Winds!

This featherlight cosy cashmere, that can also be worn as a stole, is not only pleasant in cool summer breezes but also an important accessory for a stylish look. A travelling companion that can be stowed away in your handbag.
Size: 180 x 80 cm


Cashmere for him & her!

Both ladies and men are always well wrapped up with an Ulrike Hefel cashmere scarf. High quality cashmere hair, colourcoordinated with the looks of the international fashion scene - this cashmere piece becomes an absolute fashion highlight for men. An accessory that you will not want to be without.


Cashmere Capes for Cosmopolitans!

Spot on! For business ladies and It Girls who absolutely demand smart outfits with a talent for transformation this cape represents a true gift that no wardrobe should be without. It will be your trusty companion for years to come. Superb quality ensures a luxurious, slim appearance. With that glamour factor for every occasion.