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Wellness Vitasan Pillow

HEFEL Wellness Vitasan pillow
  • Filling quilted cover: 100% HEFEL Vitasan hollow fibres
  • Filling core: 100% HEFEL Vitasan fibre balls
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton fine sateen with aloe vera
  • Specially for allergy sufferers
  • High degree of fluffiness
  • With zipper – can be individually refilled
  • 60°C washable, suitable for tumble dryers
Firmness grade: Medium

The specially developed Vitasan® hollow fibres in Wellness Vitasan bedding not only offer excellent sleeping comfort, but also inhibit the development of house dust mites within the fibre filling. The fibres also reduce the growth of fungi and bacteria that are necessary for the food chain of the house dust mites, thus ensuring a hygienic and hypoallergenic product.

Vitasan® hollow fibres are exceptio­nally light and actively breathable – and the filling can store a particularly large amount of warm air. In order to ensure best possible hygiene Wellness Vitasan bedding is 60°C was­hable and suitable for tumble dryers.