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Side Sleeper Pillow

HEFEL Side Sleeper Pillow
  • Supports an ideal and relaxed side-sleeping position
  • The head, arms an knees are supported optimally
  • Adapts to the body’s shape from head to toe
  • Relieves pressure on the spine and relaxes the muscles

The HEFEL side-sleeper pillow provides optimal support and comfort for people who sleep on their side. Many people like to sleep in this position as it relieves pressure on the spine. The long, bendable shape of the pillow (dimensions: 35x160 cm) perfectly adapts to this sleeping position and enables our backs to benefit from relaxing sleep. Wonderful sleeping comfort for regular use by those who sleep on their sides, ideal for mother and baby during breastfeeding and also ideal as a big pillow for two people. A pillow for snuggling, cosy relaxation and support.