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Pure Maize Quilt

HEFEL Pure Maize quilt
  • Filling: 100% maize
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton fine sateen with aloe vera
  • HEFEL Bodyfit Quilting
  • Maximum fluffiness
  • From rapidly renewable resources
  • Easycare natural quilt – 60°C washable
summer quilt
all-year quilt
winter quilt

Maize bedding harmoniously combines naturalness and very good sleeping comfort. Its lightness and natural qualities are ideal characteristics for restful sleep. Maize fibres balance out temperature fluctuations and thus ensure a harmonious, pleasantly warm sleeping environment.

HEFEL Pure Maize quilts are easy to care for and meet the highest demands for use and hygiene. The quilts feature finest cotton shell fabrics and a 100% maize filling. The Ingeo maize fibre is a sustainable organic raw material with an annual growth cycle and represents an economical fibre technology with social and environmental competence. The excellent easy-care attributes of maize quilts are particularly noteworthy and their quality is unaffected by long term use and repeated washing.


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