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Pure Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo & Maize & PES
HEFEL Pure Bamboo pillow
  • Filling quilted cover: 80% bamboo/20% maize
  • Filling core: 100% PES Softbausch fibre balls
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton fine sateen with aloe vera
  • Temperature regulation and moisture management
  • Snug and refreshing
  • With zipper – can be individually refilled
  • 40°C washable
Firmness grade: Medium

The pillow has an 80% bamboo fibre and 20% maize filling in the quilted cover that creates a perfect microclimate in your bed – temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating characteristics for a ideal sleeping environment.  HEFEL Pure Bamboo pillows with finest cotton fabrics Made in Austria are extremely easy to care for and durable and thus satisfy all requirements.


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