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My Face Pillow

HEFEL MyFace pillow
  • Relieves stress on facial muscles and tissue
  • Ideal support for the neck, shoulders and back during sleep
  • Reduces sleep-related wrinkles in the morning
  • Aloe Vera finish promotes regeneration
  • Matching jersey covers in white, taupe, berry and azure available

Thanks to its specially developed shape and silky smooth surface the HEFEL My Face pillow prevents facial pressure marks on the face at night. Tissue and muscle stress is relieved during sleep. The sleeping position of the neck, shoulders and back receive the ideal level of support.

The shape of the HEFEL My Face pillow also supports breathing through the nose - increasing the body‘s crucial oxygen supply. Thanks to the Aloe Vera finish of the cotton fabric and its stabilising core the HEFEL My Face pillow has a powerful regenerating effect: wake up in the morning with a relaxed smile.