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Bio Wool Mattress Topper

Sheep's wool
HEFEL Bio Wool mattress topper
  • Filling: 100% pure new wool from controlled organic livestock farming
  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation
  • Fabric certified to meet GOTS standards – CU 811099
  • 100% natural product
  • With elasticated corners
  • Air regularly

HEFEL Bio Wool mattress toppers with a 100% pure new wool filling create a particularly cosy sleeping environment. Wonderfully warm and snug. Pure new sheep‘s wool is temperatureregulating and reliably warming. It has excellent moisture absorption characteristics and ensures that the sleeping environment remains consistent.

With natural fabric in 100% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation, currently the best cotton available from an ecological point of view, the HEFEL Bio Wool mattress topper is absolutely skin-friendly and beautifully warm, making sleep a pleasure. With the beneficial power of pure raw materials from nature.


Organic Cotton is defined as cotton derived from 100% certified organic agriculture ("coa"). The cotton is grown using controlled agricultural methods that comply with strict regulations and is picked by hand. Organic Cotton producers guarantee that minimum social standards are met, that wages are adequate and working conditions are socially acceptable.

Pesticides and artificial fertilisers are completely avoided. The cotton is not pretreated with chlorine compounds, optical brighteners or chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds. Every stage of production, from cultivation to the finished quilt, is controlled as 100% organic.