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Wild Duck Down quilt

HEFEL wild duck down quilt
  • Filling: new pure silver-white wild duck down, type eider, Class 1, 100%
  • Fabric: 100% cotton fine batiste with Anti Aging finish
  • Exceptional temperature regulation characteristics
  • Extremely light and particularly warm
  • 60° C washable, suitable for dryers
all-year quilt

The HEFEL Wild Duck Down comforter impresses with its filling of silver white down sourced from ducks that live in the wild. Wild ducks owe their beautiful plumage to their instinct to seek out an ideal environment that has enough bodies of water. Before the start of the cold season even the juvenile birds already have fully developed feathers. In the wild the ducks show themselves to be true survival artists and it is here that they develop their extremely precious down.

The particularly large down clusters demonstrate an exceptional ability to intertwine strongly, thereby producing an „eiderdown feeling“ with outstanding temperature regulation characteristics. Their numerous fine filaments create large air pockets which insulate body warmth and make the comforter unbelievably light.