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Outlast® & Maize Pillow

Outlast® & Maize & PES
HEFEL Outlast & Maize pillow
  • Filling quilted cover: 30% Outlast viscose / 70% maize
  • Filling core: 100% PES Softbausch fibre balls
  • Fabric: 100% premium satin cotton
  • Design: white dice
  • With zipper – can be individually refilled
  • Active temperature regulation
  • Optimum temperature and moisture management
  • Adjusts itself to warmth requirements
  • Reduces overheating and freezing
Firmness grade: Medium

HEFEL Outlast® & Maize combines the advantages of the wonderfully fluffy maize fibre with the innovative Outlast® fibre. Outlast® represents active temperature regulation. The Phase Change Materials (PCM) perfectly adjust themselves to the microclimate of the skin and ensure an even distribution of warmth - not too hot, not too cold, but „just right“.


Outlast® materials absorb excess body warmth, store it and then release it again. This results in a permanent comfort cycle in which temperature is actively regulated.