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Outlast & Gold Down Pillow

HEFEL Outlast & Gold Down Pillow
  • Filling Outer: 65% down (new pure white goose down, Class 1, 100%), 35% Outlast® Viscose
  • FIlling Inner: new pure white goose feathers and down, Class 1, 85/15%
  • Fabric: 100% cotton down batiste with Aloe Vera finish
  • Active temperature regulation
  • Adjusts itself to warmth requirements
  • Reduces overheating and freezing
  • 60° C washable, suitable for dryers
Firmness grade: Medium

The HEFEL Outlast® & Gold Down pillow combines cuddly down with the innovative, temperature-regulating Outlast® fibre.

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA and regulates temperature and moisture to ensure better, more relaxing sleep. The Phase Change Materials (PCM) perfectly adjust themselves to the microclimate of the skin and ensure an even distribution of warmth.


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