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Upgrade Pure Camel

Now even finer
HEFEL Pure Camel comforter

The HEFEL Pure Camel comforter made of 100% delicate camel fluff has been one of HEFEL's most popular comforters for years. Now the comforter has been upgraded with an even finer, gossamer-like camel fluff filling and a very luxurious, outer fabric of finest premium satin Tencel. HEFEL Pure Camel is available as an all-season comforter and an all-season light comforter. It has excellent warming properties, but is also effective in hot weather as it offers the highest level of breathability.

New in the range is the slightly cheaper Camel Dream comforter with a premium satin cotton cover.



Whether a customer is looking for a comforter with camel fluff, cashmere or pure new wool - HEFEL offers a particularly exclusive range of bedding with premium animal hair fillings. All HEFEL premium animal hair comforters are distinguished by their exceptional sleeping climate properties and provide luxurious cosiness for every season of the year.