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Top bed linen designs for 2018

Beautiful bed linen to fall in love with.
HEFEL Bettwaesche Milano

Beautiful bed linen to fall in love with. From "Algarve" to "Paris", from "Tiffany" to "Audrey". From "Stockholm" to "Bilbao".

The new HEFEL bed linen collection 2018 plays with intense colours and big motifs that try to outshine summer itself.


Every design is a stunner

From the dreamy pinks and turquoises in "Tiffany" to the red poppies in "Audrey", from the yellow buttercups in "Algarve" to the green dandelions in "Paris", from the elegantly geometric "Stockholm" to the artistic Miró-like imagery of "Bilbao" - each design enchants in its own way.

These opulent designs are made possible by the special HEFEL digital printing process which allows long pattern repeat lengths and enormously expands the spectrum of printable colours.


Made from 100% TENCEL®

The luxurious quality of the HEFEL Tencel® fabric not only impresses with its amazing refinement and appearance but also by providing a specially skin-friendly sleep experience. The pure natural TENCEL® Micro fibre made from 100% pure cellulose is particularly pleasant on warm summer nights thanks to its actively climate-regulating properties. 100% Made in Austria.