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Stay "Cool" all summer

with the new HEFEL Cool range
HEFEL Cool Range

The cooling fleece in HEFEL Cool pillows and Cool mattress protectors refreshes sleep on hot nights. Integrated PCM microcapsules (Phase Changing Materials) absorb excess warmth and transfer it away from the body. NEW: HEFEL Cool mattress topper and Cool travel pillow.


HEFEL Cool mattress topper
Here the cooling fleece, which is partially integrated in the upper side of the topper, pleasantly cools the whole body even in very hot weather. Available in various sizes, machine wash at 60°C, can be tumble-dried.
HEFEL Cool mattress topper


HEFEL Cool travel pillow is the perfect travel companion. A mere 13 cm Ø when rolled up, weighing only approx. 520 g, this pillow is ready to accompany you anywhere. Supplied in a travel bag with drawstring.
HEFEL Cool travelling pillow