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On the road with HEFEL

and the HEFEL travel pillow is always there for you
HEFEL travel pillow Nina Gigele

Whether you use it in the car, the train, the plane, the bus or the hotel - in fact wherever your journey takes you - with your HEFEL memory travel pillow you will always lie in comfort and enjoy wonderfully refreshing sleep. Super small (13 cm diameter and weighing a mere 520g) and super luxurious. Click here for more about the HEFEL travel pillow

The HEFEL travel pillow is also available in a cool summer version incorporating our special Cool fleece with cooling PCM microcapsules. Click here for more about the HEFEL Cool travel pillow

HEFEL has been the official partner of the Austrian Ski Team since 2011. For many athletes the HEFEL travel pillow is now an essential companion for every journey and one which they no longer want to do without. Further information is available here

Photo Credit by Nina Gigele