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PRODUCT-NEWS 2017: HEFEL Outlast®&Down

Perfect Outlast® climate regulation for refreshing sleep
HEFEL Outlast&Down

The new HEFEL "Outlast®&Down" range combines the advantages of cosy down with perfect fibre innovation. Outlast®&Down consists of 65% down and 35% Outlast® viscose and is available as a summer comforter, all-year comforter and a pillow. The down meets the highest quality standards and is RDS-certified (sustainable animal husbandry, no live-plucking).

Outlast®&Down and Outlast®&Maize impress with their particularly advanced temperature-regulating characteristics. Outlast technology uses a special phase-change material for textiles and was originally developed for NASA in order to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. By integrating the Outlast viscose fibre in its products HEFEL has created a range of bedding able to adjust itself to body temperature in a particularly active manner.