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HEFEL organicbedding made in Austria

Those who rely on organic bedding for healthy sleep are guaranteed to end up with HEFEL products. Our extensive organic bedding range makes us one of the undisputed specialists in Europe.

For decades, HEFEL has focused its product development on "organic", "natural" and "sustainable". This clear specialisation in organic bedding is reflected in our uniquely wide range of pillows, comforters and mattress toppers. Production takes place 100% in Austria.

When selecting raw materials, HEFEL attaches great importance to natural resources and renewable raw materials. For its organic range, HEFEL uses raw materials from sustainably cultivated plants and sustainably farmed animals - with a preference for regional suppliers where possible. The entire HEFEL Organic range features the finest organic cotton fabric which carries the most demanding ecological quality marks in the textile industry - GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and IVN Best - and also complies with strict vegan guidelines.


The HEFEL Organic range at a glance:

  • Bio-Zirbe – Austrian pure new wool refined with Tyrolean Stone Pine flakes (kbT)
  • Bio-Cotton – cotton mattress topper for best hygiene (kbA)
  • Bio-Wool – delightfully cosy pure new wool (kbT)
  • Bio-Hemp – the vegan comforter with a hemp filling (vegan)
  • Bio-Linen – refreshing linen for hot days (kbA + vegan)
  • Bio-Silk – cooling wild silk for high temperatures

("kbT": certified organic livestock farming), ("kbA": certified organic cultivation).

Organic packaging materials. Ecologically sustainable packaging forms part of HEFEL's clear organic commitment. Since 2020, all products in the Organic range have been "fabric" packed in undyed cotton bags to emphasise their pure natural quality.