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New premium animal hair range by HEFEL

Cashmere Royal / Cashmere Wool / Pure Yak-Wool
HEFEL Edeltierhaare

HEFEL has a new premium animal hair range: HEFEL Cashmere Royal (100% cashmere), HEFEL Cashmere Wool (50% cashmere / 50% sheep's wool) and HEFEL Pure Yak Wool (50% yak / 50% sheep's wool).

HEFEL only uses the best of the best for its exclusive natural comforters and for the first time employs a new cashmere of even higher and finer quality.

HEFEL Textil continues to expand its exclusive premium animal hair range.

  • New top product HEFEL Cashmere Royal: made of 100% pure, even higher quality HEFEL Himalayan Cashmere, a comforter that is the very essence of luxury.
  • The new, even higher quality HEFEL Himalayan Cashmere is also used in HEFEL Cashmere Wool, whose filling is made of 50% cashmere and 50% pure new wool.
  • HEFEL Pure Yak Wool features a mixture of Tibetan Highland yak hair and fine French pure new wool.
  • The new premium animal hair range is complemented by the HEFEL Pure Camel (100% camel hair) comforter which has remained a very popular product for many years.

All HEFEL premium animal hair comforters are distinguished by their special sleeping climate characteristics and cosy luxury in every season of the year.