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New: Mountain Collection Down

Attractive entry-level range
HEFEL Mountain Collection Daunendecken

HEFEL has been the competent partner for high-quality bedding for decades. This competence was created in Austria and has been continuously expanded. The enticing entry-level collection of down comforters enables HEFEL to attract attention to its superlative range of products in this bedding segment. These wonderfully fluffy and feather-light HEFEL comforters are made for heavenly sleep - as alluring a prospect as the stunning Alpine mountains that serve as their namesakes.

The fine down filling makes the comforters snugly soft and cosy, ensuring particularly good insulation performance and therefore exceptional warmth retention too. The special Soft Touch finish of the fabric also creates a marvellously soft feel. Excellent quality at a particularly attractive price.


RDS Certificate

All HEFEL down comforters in the Mountain Collection are RDS-certified (Responsible Down Standard), which guarantees sustainable farming methods, no live plucking and seamless traceability. In addition, they are certified with the NOMITE mark and are therefore proven to be suitable for house dust allergy sufferers. Produced in Austria.