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NEW: Dreams in Bio-Hemp

The purely vegan comforter
HEFEL Bio Hanf - 100% Vegan

HEFEL Bio-Hemp comforters consist of a filling of 70% HEFEL hemp and 30% organic cotton (certified organic cultivation) and a 100% organic cotton fabric (certified organic cultivation).

It is not always easy for people looking for bedding that is made from animal-friendly, pure natural materials. Vegan comforters are either very expensive or filled with a lot of polyester or there are in fact fibres of animal origin in the bedding.

HEFEL Bio-Hemp products offer a genuine alternative to synthetic fillings, particularly for animal hair and dust mite allergy sufferers.

HEFEL  Bio-Hemp

Particularly in the Alpine region, hemp (along with flax) has long been regarded as one of the most important fibre crops. HEFEL Bio-Hemp now brings this all-natural filling material back into comforters and pillows. The new Bio-Hemp products impress with their high warmth retention capacity and special environmental compatibility.

HEFEL Bio-Hemp comforters and pillows are made from the finest certified organic cotton fabric, which has been awarded the GOTS ("Global Organic Textile Standards") certificate. From the cultivation of the crops to the finished comforter, everything is 100% ecological.


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