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New cashmere luxury blend

Made from 70% cashmere and 30% pure new sheep's wool
HEFEL Cashmere comforter

Fans of cashmere and pure new sheep's wool can indulge themselves with this new comforter in the summer and all year round. With the launch of the HEFEL Cashmere Summer and All-Season Comforters HEFEL is now focusing on this particularly luxurious and high-quality cashmere comforter.

This classic comforter with a filling of 70% cashmere and 30% pure new sheep's wool, enveloped in the finest cotton satin fabric, guarantees cosy comfort and appropriate warmth.

HEFEL comforters with natural hair fillings are characterised by their special functional properties. They provide warming, climate control and cooling functions to create a particularly good sleeping climate. Comforters with natural hair fillings are suitable for every season - always nice and warm but never too hot. HEFEL offers an extensive range of natural bedding products and is Europe's leading manufacturer of natural bedding.


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