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New: Bio-Silk by HEFEL

Cooling silk summer comforter
HEFEL Bio Silk Cooling summer comforter

On warm nights such as we are currently experiencing, light summer comforters are essential for sleep. The lightweight silk summer comforter, Organic Silk, is a new product from Austria's bedding specialist HEFEL. It cools and refreshes, ensuring soothing sleep on hot nights.

Sleep well even when it's hot

The naturally cooling characteristics of silk makes it the ideal filling for summer comforters. Silk has temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating properties and provides a particularly pleasant sleeping climate. Due to its uniform quilting pattern, the silk fleece is very durable despite its delicate nature. The high quality fabric used in HEFEL Organic Silk is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton grown by certified organic farms. 

Now made from Eri /Ahimsa silk for the first time 

Filling and fabric are 100% organic from strictly controlled sources. For the first time HEFEL has used pure, fluffy white Eri silk (Ahimsa silk) from India, an animal cruelty-free silk in which the silkworms hatch and live on. Ahimsa is the principle of non-violence, which in many cultures and religions of the East reflects the basic attitude of man to living creatures and to nature itself. This is why Eri silk is also called Ahimsa silk or non-violent silk.

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