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MyFace pillow - new colours

Taupe, Berry and Azure
HEFEL MyFace Pillow Colours

The popular beauty pillow, My Face, is effective at preventing night-time pressure marks on the face and now comes with covers in new, elegant colours that perfectly complement bedroom interiors. The Reading pillow is also enhanced by these beautiful colours that will make a chic impression in every living room. Pure relaxation.

The HEFEL My Face pillow is an anti-aging pillow for wonderful sleep. Its special shape and silky smooth cover prevent night-time pressure marks on the facial skin. Tissue and muscle strain is relieved and sleep wrinkles are prevented.

HEFEL MyFace pillow


Size: 40x60 cm
RRP € 52.90 Euro


TOP TIP: Combined with a good face cream, a wonderful body lotion or a relaxing wellness day, this pillow makes a very special present with a long-lasting effect!