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An incredible "bedtime story" from St. Moritz

Marcel Hirscher put his trust in HEFEL and was fit to win gold twice
Marcel Hirscher - Success follows a good night's sleep with HEFEL

Austrian Ski Association super star Marcel Hirscher, the freshly crowned double world champion 2017, is famous for his perfection and obsessive attention to detail. Even at night in St. Moritz he used every opportunity of ensuring a perfect night's rest and achieving ideal regeneration as a result. And that was why he requested HEFEL to deliver a viscoelastic mattress topper to his hotel at short notice - the same product he slept on at home. His advisor, Stefan Illek, called HEFEL in Vorarlberg to organise the delivery. He asked whether the mattress topper could be delivered to the hotel in Switzerland that very same day. However this was easier said than done: the topper was not available at such short notice. Managing Director Dietmar Hefel, who was on holiday in Warth am Arlberg at the time and happened to have a new mattress topper with him at his holiday apartment, immediately got it shipped from the Austrian Alps to St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. Amazingly Marcel Hirscher received the mattress topper at 9pm the same day. And as a result he slept deeply and soundly, just like at home. Over the following days he became - fully rested - the world champion twice over!