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HEFEL Tencel™ - Trend Collection 2021

Bed linen with the joy of colour
HEFEL Bedlinen Venezia Trend

Sun, warmth, light ... they really do enliven the senses! The new HEFEL Tencel™ bed linen collection guarantees a good mood and makes for a bright and happy ambience in the bedroom. With new designs, cheerful colours and the silky sophistication of top quality TENCEL™ fabric. 2021 is all about looking ahead, a sense of optimism and confidence ... and diving into the energy field of beautiful colours.

Come with us, let's take a trip through Europe. From Berlin to Madrid, from Dublin to Venice and from St. Petersburg to Provence.

Our bed linen designs were inspired by all these beautiful places. In blue and green, rosé and purple, orange and mustard, turquoise and grey... with circles and corners, lines and zigzags, flowers and tendrils....

The entire bed linen collection is made from the high-quality HEFEL Tencel natural fibre to ensure a silky sheen, mother-of-pearl shimmer and excellent moisture management.


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