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A ticking fabric world-first
HEFEL Inlett Weltneuheit

Soft and snug, with natural temperature regulation and actively breathable, shimmering and flowing. This is HEFEL TENCEL™ LUXE, the revolutionary new ticking fabric Made in Austria. The superior eco filament yarn of the luxury fabric is produced from pure wood cellulose. This superior yarn has a weight of 40 gram on 10km (dtex 40), one spool carries 250 km yarn.

TENCEL™ LUXE was developed to revolutionize the fashion industry. HEFEL, as TENCEL®-Pioneer, again takes the industry lead and is the world‘s first bedding manufacturer to use this yarn to weave a silky-soft fabric for its premium ticking fabrics.

This ticking fabric feels like a second skin. Light, silky and perfectly natural. Compared with silk and other natural materials, TENCEL™ LUXE benefits from a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and is characterized by better washability. The yarn from the raw material wood has excellent eco credentials. From the use of renewable tree populations to yarn production and the finished TENCEL™ LUXE ticking fabric, the highest degree of sustainability is achieved. No other technological innovation is so close to nature.