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HEFEL Summer Comforters

Perfect for hot nights
HEFEL Sommerdecken

The current collection of summer comforters, HEFEL Wellness Vitasan, HEFEL Pure Maize and HEFEL Tencel Down, are perfect for hot summer nights, can be washed at 60°C and  tumble-dried.

HEFEL Wellness Vitasan - the ideal summer comforter for everyone, including allergy sufferers, is exceptionally light and breathable. Filling: 100% HEFEL Vitasan® 4-hole hollow fibre. Fabric: Fine satin cotton with Aloe Vera.

HEFEL Pure Maize summer comforters balance out fluctuating temperatures and ensure the best sleeping climate. Featuring a finest cotton outer fabric and a 100% maize filling.

HEFEL Tencel Down - the premium luxury version of the summer comforters, light and fluffy, very breathable and with excellent moisture regulation provided by Tencel. Filling: 70% down and 30% Tencel.

All HEFEL products are 100% Made in Austria.