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HEFEL Outlast® Proactive Down 2.0

Down at its finest and most functional
HEFEL Outlast Proactive Down comforter

The new HEFEL Outlast Proactive Down comforter is the ideal combination of Outlast® and down. Warming or cooling, as needed. Thanks to the intelligent process which prints the coating onto the fabric, the PCM function now acts directly on the body. The effect starts to work immediately and takes place simultaneously across the entire surface of comforter and pillow.

Compared to similar products on the market, which are made by incorporating a separate Outlast fleece, HEFEL adds its innovative PCM technology to the fabric itself. As a result Outlast® Proactive Down retains all the other benefits of HEFEL down products: a cosy appearance and wonderfully snug sleep with the added advantage of even less sweating and freezing throughout the night.



  • Active temperature regulation directly on the body
  • Instant PCM effect across the entire surface of the fabric
  • Significant weight reduction (compared to incorporated PCM fleece products)
  • Easily recognisable due to the attractive and subtle PCM print
  • Optimal temperature and moisture management
  • Adapts to warmth requirements
  • Enhanced effectiveness against overheating and freezing


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