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HEFEL goes to Sotschi

Without HEFEL nothing doing in Sochi either!

So that Gregor Schlierenzauer, Thomas Morgenstern and the rest of the team could also be assured optimum sleeping conditions in Sochi, HEFEL equipped the accommodation of the Austrian Ski Association ski jumping team and their trainer Alexander Pointner with the Sleep Fit bedding range specially developed for the Austria Ski Team. This allowed our "eagles" to start their pursuit of Olympic medals after a good night's rest.

"Who sleeps more and well, wins!"

For Toni Giger, head of the Austrian Ski Association research department, choosing the "right stuff" begins with sleep. Above all frequent travelling is a cause of great strain: "Our athletes spend approx. 200 days a year in accommodation that varies greatly from region to region. Changing time zones and staying in high altitude areas create stresses that have a negative impact on the ability to regenerate. By using Hefel Sleep Fit bedding we can significantly improve the way we compensate for these factors."

HEFEL Textil has been the official partner of the Austrian Ski Association since 2011. The results of this intensive collaboration with top athletes, trainers and therapists of the Austrian Ski Association resulted in the completely new Sleep Fit sleep system.