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HEFEL Easy Going

A sensational two-in-one comforter
HEFEL EasyGoing

HEFEL Easy Going is the perfect combination of comforter and bed linen for people who want to combine sleeping comfort with convenience - whether at home or away. Easy Going is both a comforter and bed linen in one - packed and ready-to-go in a small round carry bag.

Whether at home or away:
Fuss-free, stylish and easy care

HEFEL Easy Going is for people who love things to be easy, laid-back and relaxed. And who want to spend less time making beds and washing bedding! Easy Going is a comforter and bed linen in one, featuring the attractive Meander design in a modern, shimmering silvery colour, a top quality filling (100% TENCEL™) and fine TENCEL™ satin fabric, the pure natural fibre made from wood cellulose. It is extremely skin-friendly and breathable and is available as a summer comforter. Washable at 40° C.