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Guaranteed Vegan

Bio-Hemp and Bio-Linen comforters
VEGAN certification

Our HEFEL Bio-Hemp and HEFEL Bio-Linen comforters have successfully passed the strict "VEGAN certification" process.

As a result they have now been awarded the V-Label, the most internationally recognized and protected seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products. This enables us to offer our customers a reliable point of reference and makes choosing a vegan bedding product much easier.

Our outstanding comforters - Bio-Hemp, voted Product of the Year in Austria in 2019, and Bio-Linen - are therefore 100% suitable for those wishing to buy vegan bedding.

We guarantee:

  • HEFEL Bio-Hemp and HEFEL Bio-Linen contain no ingredients of animal origin and no additives of animal origin.
  • Our machines are thoroughly cleaned before they are allowed to come back into contact with vegan ingredients.
  • Our production processes are repeatedly checked by inspectors.


"Organic", "natural" and "sustainable" - for decades HEFEL has consistently focused its product development strategy on ecological criteria and is today the absolute specialist for organic bedding in Europe.