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#Energy saving tip: Warm HEFEL winter comforters

Freezing cold?! No thank you.
HEFEL Energy saving tip: Warm winter comforters

This really is a way to save some energy. Lower the temperature in the bedroom to 15°C and snuggle up in a fine HEFEL winter comforter. An investment that will prove worthwhile for many, many years to come.

Reducing heating costs and saving energy costs are the major challenges that each individual faces this winter. Proper ventilation and optimal adjustment of the heating are just two of the many tips currently making the rounds. In a bedroom, this can be achieved without any loss of comfort. Because our grandparents already knew that cooler temperatures and warmer comforters in the bedroom are extremely good for sleep:)

HEFEL Quilted Collection

The HEFEL quilted winter comforters (e.g. Camel Dream, Wellness Stone Pine, Organic Wool, Cashmere) are produced as double comforters. This makes the comforters particularly warm, as they consist of a pair of two individually quilted comforters. An air cushion is created between the two layers, which ensures perfect heat insulation and prevents cold zones.

HEFEL Down Collection

HEFEL down comforters combine the naturally soft fill power of feather-light down with a shell from our in-house ticking weaving mill and guarantee incomparable snugness and optimal heat distribution. The entire HEFEL Down range is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified.