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Donation to the SLW youth welfare service

A feeling of security you can feel in your sleep
HEFEL spendet für SLW Jugendhilfe

A bed for the night is surely one of our most fundamental human needs. In recognition of this fact HEFEL recently donated bedding to the SLW (social welfare services provided by the Capuchin order) - this time consisting of comforters for SLW residential groups of children and young people in Fügen.

The director of the SLW youth welfare service, Marco Schmitt, expressed his gratitude for this donation on behalf of the children and young people: "Sometimes families get into situations that can be stressful for everyone. Sometimes this results in circumstances where children can no longer live with their families and have to be looked after outside the family circle. The facilities of the SLW youth welfare service are there to give these children security and confidence once again."