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Donation to CARITAS

HEFEL donates 1,000 comforters to Caritas Austria
HEFEL Spende Caritas

A bed is a cosy retreat for everyone

HEFEL donates 1,000 new comforters worth 75,000 Euros to CARITAS Austria. At a time when an ever greater number of people face deprivation and poverty and winter is just round the corner HEFEL has signalled its clear commitment to solidarity.

Dr. Michael Landau, President of Caritas Austria, expressed his thanks:
"Companies such as Hefel, who set a good example and use their core business to support people in need, are indispensable partners of Caritas. The generous donation of 1,000 new comforters will be distributed in Caritas institutions throughout Austria amongst children, young people, women and men, who find themselves in crisis situations and who, thanks to Caritas, benefit from a roof over their heads, a warm place to sleep and support."

Along with food, a bed for the night is surely the most fundamental of human needs. With its gift of new comforters HEFEL Textil aims to help people in need by providing them with their own cosy bedding and so offer them a token of appreciation.