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Blogger Day in Kefermarkt

with Janine, Nina and Daniel
HEFEL Blogger Day in Kefermarkt

Brimming with good humour and curiosity our young social media influencers Nina, Janine and Daniel came over to Kefermarkt for the big HEFEL blogger day. Classic advertising is finding it hard to reach young people, as hardly any of them watch TV or read newspapers. But they do follow "influencers" and like to see what they do and what they like. So let's go!

A guided tour of the HEFEL bedding factory showed our three influencers how the comforters and pillows they sleep in are made.

Operations manager Thomas Hofer enthusiastically explained each step of the production process - carding, fleece production, finishing, quilting, sewing, quality control - and Janine, Nina and Daniel were visibly impressed by how much know-how and craftsmanship go into the making of each and every comforter and pillow.


Good sleep is cool

Good sleep is cool and visibly fun! Our bloggers became more and more creative during the factory tour and wanted to feel the materials up close.

Daniel, Nina and Janine couldn't get enough of the Stone Pine comforter production area. The wonderful fragrance, the real Stone Pine shavings, carefully added by hand ...

They also lingered over the My Face pillow for a long time. With the help of a member of staff Mrs Mitterlehner our bloggers Nina, Daniel and Janine filled their pillows themselves - something they clearly enjoyed doing a great deal.


HEFEL Premium Bedding: