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Award "ecologically exceptional"

from the german FOCUS magazine
HEFEL Award Ecologically exceptional

The German magazine FOCUS has identified the ”ecological role models from a pool of around 4,800 companies that feature an ecological seal of quality. The results show which companies and brands are already on the right track today – and therefore committed to a better future in the present day. HEFEL is proud to be the ONLY winner in the bedding products category!


Ecology has long been a high priority at HEFEL. This is not just a critical factor for bedding products – pillows, comforters, bed linen, mattress toppers – that should ensure good sleep. Environmentally-friendly production in Austria, social and environmental standards in the countries of origin of the raw materials and innovative processing and finishing methods in our own factories characterise all HEFEL bedding products. This is not only about typical natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, down or camel hair, which are processed to make fabrics and/or fillings. Comforters with Stone Pine flakes, maize, bamboo, and hemp fibres, with algae, silver and aloe vera finishes, and above all the TENCEL wood cellulose fibre set standards in terms of quality, sustainability and for the future. Various microfibres with excellent properties also fit into the portfolio of ecological production. They are of high quality and durability, paired with top functionality.

HEFEL shows that the ecological principle is part and parcel of the premium or luxury segment. It takes a philosophical approach, determination and tradition to achieve the best possible bedding products. This also means certification and awards with labels that are subject to the strictest criteria. A seamless chain - from origin to finished product. For HEFEL it also means ”Made in Austria“. Mass produced goods, relocation to low-wage countries or growth at any price were never the goal, it is all about continuously outstanding superior quality. And this requires commitment and innovation. But it also means that people enjoy their work. It generates added value and makes sense. Or to sum it up in one word: ecological.