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Neckroll & Croissant

HEFEL special types
  • Croissant (Softbausch Comforel ECO), 50x40 cm
  • Neckroll (Softbausch Comforel ECO, Softbausch 95 and Pure Wool), 15x40 cm

Sleep is something very specific to each individual and so too are their requirements for a pillow that ensures the best possible sleep. That is why HEFEL offers specialised types of pillows that meet the needs of every sleeper.

Thanks to its special shape the HEFEL crescent pillow is a popular travel companion, for example on longer car or train journeys. At home too the HEFEL Softbausch Comforel ECO crescent pillow offers ideal sleeping comfort.

HEFEL neck bolsters provide perfect supportive comfort for the neck and - in addition to their classic function as a pillow - are also a very popular home decor choice. They are available in three different varieties: the Softbausch Comforel ECO neck bolster is filled with small fibre balls and combines wonderfully soft comfort with a neck support function. The Softbausch 95 neck bolsters are a little more compact and very easy to keep clean - they can be washed at 95°C and tumble-dried! HEFEL also caters for nature lovers with its Pure Wool neck bolsters featuring a pure new wool filling. They are also washable and offer optimal support and comfort.