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HEFEL Down Range RDS

HEFEL down pillows are soft, supple and highly elastic - they only need a quick shake to regain their original shape and size. Down pillows ensure a healthy microclimate as moisture from the body is first absorbed and then transferred to the outside. Due to their warming effect down pillows are most suited to people who do not tend to sweat.



The HEFEL „The Honest Down“ range is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified. This certification guarantees that feathers and down are sourced from ducks and geese farmed in species-appropriate and healthy conditions. The standard applies to the entire supply chain – from the farm/poultry farm to the finished product - in order to ensure seamless traceability. The welfare of the animals is the highest priority - this means best conditions for keeping and feeding the poultry (no force-feeding!) and also a ban on live-plucking.