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Eiderdown Quilt

HEFEL Eiderdown Quilt
  • Filling: 100% new pure eiderdown, washed, class 1
  • Fabric: 100% cotton down nano-batiste
  • Exceptional insulating properties
  • Limited availability
  • Careful collection methods
  • Incredible durability
all-year quilt
winter quilt

Every Eiderdown quilt is a little piece of luxury due to the limited quantities available and the ecologically sustainable collection methods. The fine branching structures of eiderdown strongly intertwine to protect Eider duck nests from storms and also create countless tiny air pockets that ensure optimal insulating characteristics. In the summer the comforter is wonderfully light and refreshing, in the winter it provides cosy warmth. This unique masterpiece adapts itself to its surroundings as required.

Exceptional insulating properties, limited availability, careful collection methods and incredible durability make Eiderdown the most luxurious and exclusive of all filling materials worldwide. Treat yourself to a little piece of luxury and enjoy sleep in unrivalled comfort.