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Cashmere Wool Quilt

Cashmere & Wool
HEFEL Cashmere Wool quilt
  • Filling: 50% Cashmere/50% pure new wool
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton Premium Sateen
  • HEFEL Bodyfit Quilting
  • Delightfully warm
  • Premium natural product
  • Air regularly
all-year quilt
winter quilt

HEFEL Himalayan cashmere meets French pure new wool. A touch of luxury surrounds this exclusive combination, expressively emphasized by the silky sheen of the cotton premium satin. The HEFEL double quilting is responsible for even more warmth, snugness and active breathing.

HEFEL Himalayan cashmere has the finest curls of any natural hair and an absolutely unbeatable capacity for warmth retention. The incomparably fine underhair has a softness and cosiness that puts all others in the shade.