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Bio Silk Quilt

HEFEL Bio-Silk quilt
  • Filling: 100% ERI-silk from controlled organic livestock farming
  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation
  • HEFEL Bodyfit Quilting
  • The perfect summer quilt
  • Without animal suffering, GOTS certified
  • Air regularly
summer quilt

The HEFEL Organic Silk comforter offers the gift of refreshing sleep, thanks to a new silk filling. This is the first time that HEFEL has used Indian ERI silk (ahimsa silk) - a silk that does not involve animal suffering, as the silkworms hatch before the cocoon is processed. Ahimsa is the principle of non-violence, which reflects the fundamental attitude of people towards living things and nature in many cultures and religions of the East. That is why ERI silk is called ahimsa or non-violent silk.

The natural cooling properties of silk make it the ideal filling for this wonderfully invigorating summer comforter. Both the fabric and the filling are GOTS certified.


Organic Cotton is defined as cotton derived from 100% certified organic agriculture ("coa"). The cotton is grown using controlled agricultural methods that comply with strict regulations and is picked by hand. Organic Cotton producers guarantee that minimum social standards are met, that wages are adequate and working conditions are socially acceptable.

Pesticides and artificial fertilisers are completely avoided. The cotton is not pretreated with chlorine compounds, optical brighteners or chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds. Every stage of production, from cultivation to the finished quilt, is controlled as 100% organic.