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Protector Wool

Sheep's wool
HEFEL Protector Wool
  • Filling: 100% pure new wool
  • Fabric: Upper side: 100% cotton fibre percale; Underside: 100% cotton mollino
  • Improves sleeping comfort and increases the lifespan of the mattress
  • Optimal pressure relief for the body
  • Ecological air conditioning system
  • Heat insulation and moisture management
  • With elasticated corners

HEFEL Protectors are always the right choice. These protec­tors are approx. 5 centimetres thick and have been specifi­cally designed for box spring beds to improve sleeping com­fort and increase the lifespan of the mattress. They also help achieve optimum pressure relief for the body and pleasantly compensate for a mattress that is too hard.  HEFEL Protectors can be likened to an ecological air con­ditioning system. They provide heat insulation and rapidly remove moisture away from the body. These comfortable mattress toppers thus ensure a better sleeping climate.

The “Protector Wool” version is filled with vitalizing, finest pure new wool. The natural protector is a pure piece of nature.