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KlimaControl Wool Pillow

HEFEL KlimaControl Wool Pillow
  • Filling quilted cover: 100% TENCEL®
  • Filling core: 100% pure new wool
  • Fabric: 100% TENCEL® fine sateen
  • Perfect regulation of the sleeping environment
  • 100% natural product
  • With zipper – can be individually refilled
  • Shell 60°C washable, core not washable
Firmness grade: Compact

With KlimaControl Wool HEFEL combines two materials sourced from nature, with a proven track record that goes back decades - the botanic TENCEL® fibre, made 100% from wood, and the luxurious natural hair of the French sheep.

The well-known TENCEL® fibre is characterised by its positive, skin-friendly qualities, optimal moisture manage¬ment and a high degree of breathability. Combined with the revitalising and warming characteristics of pure new wool the KlimaControl Wool bedding range becomes the optimum choice throughout the year. This pure natural product prevents both heat build-up and cold zones and ensures cosiness and an optimal sleeping climate all night long.


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