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Pure Yak-Wool Bettdecke

Yak + sheep's wool
HEFEL Pure Yak-Wool
  • Filling: 50% Yak / 50% Pure new wool
  • Fabric: 100% cotton premium satin
  • HEFEL Bodyfit Steppung
  • Snug & revitalising
  • 100% natural product
all-year quilt
winter quilt

HEFEL Pure Yak Wool - where the yak from the high plateau of Tibet meets French pure new wool. This exclusive composition of finest wool hairs is enveloped in a shimmering silky cover made from luxury satin cotton. HEFEL exclusively uses the finest yak underhair and premium pure new wool to create an exceptionally snug comforter. This superb natural product is actively breathable, revitalising and pleasantly warming.