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Bionic Clima Quilt

TENCEL & Maize & Airloft
HEFEL Bionic Clima quilt
  • Filling: Upper side: 100% HEFEL Airloft; Underside: 50/50% HEFEL TENCEL®/maize
  • Fabric: Upper side: 100% cotton down batiste; Underside: 100% TENCEL® premium satin
  • Combination of TENCEL®/maize and HEFEL Airloft
  • Regulates temperature and moisture
  • Ultra-light
  • Efficient thermal insulation
all-year quilt

HEFEL Bionic® Clima combines a TENCEL®/maize fleece and an Airloft fleece to create a particularly light double quilt. The temperature-regulating natural fibres TENCEL® and maize – enveloped in luxurious TENCEL® satin – astonish with their exceptional moisture management. The insulating HEFEL Airloft fibre makes the quilt ultra-light whilst still ensuring efficient thermal insulation. The result: optimal sleeping climate yet exceedingly light.